2013 Symposium

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NAWEA 2013 Symposium, held at the University of Colorado Boulder August 6-8, included Plenary and Technical Sessions, Graduate Student Symposium, poster session, FAST Workshop, Business Meeting, and an NREL National Wind Technology Center tour. The Symposium, the first in a series of technical meetings examined the broad range of topics required to achieve high wind penetration in the North American power generation sector.  In addition to Wind Energy System Science and Technology technical tracks, the symposium featured sessions that provide holistic perspectives, overviews, and approaches necessary to maximize future deployment including:

  • Wind Energy Science and Engineering
  • Grid Integration and Management
  • Electrical Transmission
  • Atmospheric Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Social Acceptance
  • Policy Research
  • Business and Financing
  • Innovative / New Technology
  • Education & Curriculum.

The NAWEA Symposium engaged academia, industry and regulatory agency stakeholders in an open forum dialogue to help overcome technology and policy gaps to achieving a high penetration of wind power in the domestic energy production portfolio.

Thank you for attending and we forward to your participation in the 2015 NAWEA Symposium.


Dr. Robert Thresher, Chair
Office: 303-384-6922
Alternative: 303-384-6921

Dr. Paul Veers, Co-Chair
Office: 303-384-7197
Alternative: 303-384-6921

Dr. Michael Robinson, Co-Chair
Main: 303-669-1098
Office: 720-356-1724 or 303-384-6947
Alternative: 303-275-3025