2013 Business Meeting

August 8, 2013

Business Meeting Group Photograph
University of Colorado Boulder along the Rocky Mountain Flatirons
Photo Credit: Pancasatya (Tio) Agastra, Montana State University-Bozeman

2013 NAWEA Business Meeting Attendees at the University of Colorado Boulder

Business Meeting Attendees at the University of Colorado Boulder
From Left: Row one: Unidentified, Diane Stults, Doug Cairns, Jim Manwell, Katie Johnson, Melinda Marquis, Ed DeMeo, Bob Thresher, Ganesh Rajagopalan, Jonathan Miles. Row 2: Mike Robinson, Will Shaw, Andy Swift, Mike Knotek, Danielle Felix, Peter Hauge Madsen, Lance Manuel, David Wood, Matthias Kinzel, Tom Acker, Scott Schreck, Paul Veers. Row 3: Rachit Mathur, Mathew Lackner, Christopher Niezrecki, Eric Paterson, Mark Ahlstrom, Darlene Snow, Nick Johnson, Jonathan Naughton, Joshua Paquette, David Maniaci, Michele Mihelic, Ian Baring-Gould. Not Pictured: Bonnie Ram, Elizabeth Salerno, Mark Balas

Business Meeting Summary
Meeting led by Bob Thresher, Executive Director

  1. Introductions
  2. Review 2012 Meeting Outcomes
  3. Symposium Feedback. Discussion, Review of budget and session quality
  4. Charter and Bylaws. Review and vote to adopt. ACTION: VOTED TO ADOPT
  5. Business Options for Formalizing NAWEA as an Organization. Budget review, 501(c)(3); Darlene Snow, The Wind Foundation, led discussion to explore the foundation as host for NAWEA by operating under their 501(c)(3). ACTION: under consideration.
  6. Wind Foundation Scholarship. The Wind Foundation requested Assistance to help review scholarship award. ACTION: Jim Manwell agreed to coordinate.
  7. NAWEA Business Plan Development. 3-5 year operating plan transitioning to 501.c.3; Identification of funding from potential sources; Determine appropriate umbrella organization during transition. ACTION: Bob Thresher to organize an ad hoc committee to develop plan.
  8. Next Symposium. Virginia Tech volunteered to host next symposium in 2015. ACTION: confirm Virginia Tech, generate call for volunteers, identify funding sources.
  9. AWEA Request Science / Academic Track Support. Partner with NAWEA to create a system to expand AWEA technical track, beyond 2013, develop new approaches down the road, provide leadership in developing and expanding the science and technical participation.
  10. Formalize NAWEA Committees. Education, R&D, Membership, Finance, Business Strategy and Planning, Executive Board, External Board of Advisors
  11. Action Review and Close