2013 Scientific Program and Agenda

August 6-8, 2013
ORGANIZERS: Bob Thresher, Chair (Bio) | Paul Veers, Co-Chair, (Bio) | Mike Robinson, Co-Chair

Agenda and Program Material for Download
List of Participants | Agenda (Printable PDF)

Day 1
Opening Session
Robert Thresher:  NAWEA Executive Director and Research Fellow at NREL’s National Wind Technology Center (NWTC) | Bio
Jose Zayas: Director of the Wind and Water Power Technologies Office in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) at the Department of Energy (DOE)
Barbara Goodman: Associate Laboratory Director, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) | NAWEA Bio

Keynote Addresses:
Alexander (Sandy) MacDonald: Director, NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL) and Chief Science Advisor for the Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research
Peter Hauge Madsen: Head of Department, Danish Technical University Department of Wind Energy, “Wind Energy System Science and Engineering” | Bio

Plenary Speakers Julie Lundquist, Joint Appointment, CU Boulder/NREL | NAWEA Bio
–   Influences of wind farms on regional and global climates
–   Published Paper: Parameterization of Wind Farms in Climate Models
Bruce Bailey, AWS Truepower | NAWEA Bio
–   The financial impact of wind plant uncertainty
Sessions TRACK A
Parallel Session 1A: Wind Energy Science and Engineering I
Chairs: Lance Manuel, Jim Brasseur, Denis Matha
Matthew Churchfield, NREL | Bio
–   A Review of Wind Turbine Wake Models and Future Directions
Eric Paterson, Virginia Tech | NAWEA Bio
–   Understanding the Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics of Wind Turbine Blades | Slides: 1-18, 19-24, 25-37
Eric Simley, University of Colorado | NAWEA Bio
–   Design and Evaluation of a Wind Speed Estimator for Hub Height and Shear Components
Jayanarayanan (Jay) Sitaraman, University of Wyoming
–   Wind Farm Simulations on Massively Parallel Computer Systems Using Methods of Incremental Complexity

Parallel Session 1B: Social Acceptance
Chairs: Ian Baring-Gould, Larry Flowers, Eric Lantz
Ian Baring-Gould, NREL | Bio
–   An Overview of Social Acceptance With An International Perspective from IEA Task 28
Jeremy Firestone, University of Delaware
–   Social Acceptance of Offshore Wind Development
Jenny Bredt, Renewable Energy Systems Americas Inc. | NAWEA Bio
Social acceptance and permitting issues of large wind projects, a developer’s perspective
Paul Medina, Siemens Energy Inc. | NAWEA Bio
–   Engineering to reduce wind turbine noise
Jim Manwell, University of Massachusetts | NAWEA Bio
–   Role and experience of universities working to address issues around local social acceptance

Sessions TRACK A
Parallel Session 2A: Wind Energy Science and Engineering II | Session Summary
Chairs: Takis Chaviaropoulos, Javier Sans Rodrigo, Scott Schreck, David Wood
Emmanuel Branlard, DTU | NAWEA Bio
–   Vortex wake models with application to yawed rotor
Hui Hu, Iowa State University | NAWEA Bio
–   Wind Turbine Aeromechanics and Interferences among Multiple Turbines in Onshore and Offshore Wind Farms
Andrew Magstadt, University of Wyoming | NAWEA Bio
–  Aeroelasticity in Dynamically Pitching Wind Turbine Blades
Richard Stevens, Johns Hopkins University | NAWEA Bio
–   Large Eddy Simulation studies of average power output in large wind farms: effects of wind farm length and turbine placement
Lance Manuel, University of Texas | NAWEA Bio
–   Analysis of the Evolving Environment and Loads on an Offshore Wind Turbine during a Simulated Hurricane

Parallel Session 2B: Business and Finance | Session Summary
Chairs: Phil Dutton, Sara Tyler
Maureen Hand, Strategic Energy Analysis Center, NREL | NAWEA Bio
–   Tracking the Cost of Wind Energy
Phil Dutton, GL Garrad Hassan North America
–   What Makes a Wind Project Successful for an Investor or Lender?
Byron Boone, Boulder Wind Power | NAWEA Bio
–   Funding Innovation

Day 2
Plenary Speakers
Terry Root, Stanford University, Senior Fellow, Woods Institute for the Environment | NAWEA Bio
–   Assessing Biodiversity and Wind: A Climate Change Perspective
Mark Ahlstrom, WindLogics | NAWEA Bio
–   Evolution of Forecasting, Operations and Market Design for Wind Integration
Sessions TRACK A
Parallel Session 3A: Atmospheric Sciences | Session Summary
Chairs: Julie Lundquist, Melinda Marquis, Alan Zehnder
Laura Bianco, University of Colorado, CIRES | NAWEA Bio
–   Improving Wind Energy Forecasts through Assimilation of New Meteorological Observations: Results from the Wind Forecast Improvement Project (WFIP)
Petra Klein, University of Oklahoma | NAWEA Bio
–   Lidar measurements of wind and turbulence for wind-energy applications
E. S. Takle, Iowa State University | NAWEA Bio
–   CWEX: Overview of Results From Crop/Wind-Energy Experiments in Iowa
Branko Kosovic, NCAR | NAWEA Bio
–   Hub-height wind speed in marine boundary layer under stable stratification

Parallel Session 3B: Policy Pathways for Scaling Wind | Session Summary
Chairs: Bruce Bailey, Edgar DeMeo, Kevin Doran
Angela Cifor, J.D., RASEI/CU-Boulder | NAWEA Bio
–   Illinois Commerce Commission V. Ferc:
Implications For Wind In Organized Energy Markets

Fara Courtney, U.S. Offshore Wind Collaborative | NAWEA Bio
–   Offshore Wind Energy in the United States
Thomas Jenkin, NREL | NAWEA Bio
–   The Social Cost of Carbon and the Value of Wind

Sessions TRACK A
Parallel Session 4A: Grid Integration and Management | Session Summary
Chairs: Mark O’Malley, Tom Acker, Charlton Clark
John Zack, Michael Brower and Bruce Bailey, AWS Truepower
–   Opportunities for Synergistic Collaboration Among the Public, Academic and Private Sectors in the Application of Wind Prediction Technology to Lower Grid Integration Costs
Jacob Aho, University of Colorado | NAWEA Bio
–   Controlling Wind Turbines for Ancillary Services: An Analysis of Capabilities and Trade-offs
Michael Milligan, NREL
–   Markets, next generation policies, EIM
Debbie Lew, NREL | NAWEA Bio
–   Cycling Impacts of High Penetrations of Wind and Solar “results of WWSIS phase 2”

Parallel Session 4B: Environmental Sciences | Session Summary
Chairs: Taber Allison, Bonnie Ram
Patrick Gilman, DOE | Website
–   Effects of Wildlife Concerns on Land-based Deployment
Jordan Macknick, NREL | Bio
–   Energy Choices and Water Use
Dale Strickland, WEST | Bio
–   Offshore Wind Energy: Lessons Learned from Land-based Wind Project Siting
Panel Discussion led by co-chairs with Terry Root and panelists

Sessions TRACK A
Parallel Session 5A: Electrical Transmission | Session Summary
Chairs: J. Charles Smith, Miguel A. Ortega-Vazquez, David Berry
Lynn Hecker, MISO | NAWEA Bio
–   Transmission Planning for Variable Generation
Warren Lasher, ERCOT
–   A Transmission Planning Case Study for Wind Integration – CREZ in ERCOT
Keegan Moyer, WECC | NAWEA Bio
–   Transmission Planning Developments at WECC
Bob Zavadil, Enernex
–   Wind Plant Modeling for Bulk System Planning

Parallel Session 5B: Innovative / New Technology | Session Summary
Chairs: Katherine Dykes, Andrew Myers, Christopher Niezrecki
Eric Smith, Keystone Tower Systems | NAWEA Bio
–   On-site tapered spiral welding of wind turbine towers
Glen Whitehouse, Continuum Dynamics | Bio
–   Variable Geometry Wind Turbine Technologies for Performance Enhancement, Improved Survivability and Reduced Cost of Energy
Josh Paquette, Sandia National Laboratory | NAWEA Bio
–   The Design Challenges of Large, Deep-Water, Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine Rotors
Damon VanderLind, Google
–   Airborne Wind Opportunities and Challenges

Day 3
Plenary Speakers
Carlos Simao Ferreira, TU Delft | NAWEA Bio
–   European experiences with Education and the Academy
Liz Salerno, American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)
–   The role of science and research in wind energy policy and deployment
Sessions TRACK A
Parallel Session 6A: Atmospheric Science and Turbine Technology
Chairs: Will Shaw and Doug Cairns
Baskar Ganapathysubramanian, Iowa State University
–   From Meteorological data to wind models: Constructing Low-Dimensional Stochastic Wind Models via a novel Temporal-Spatial-Stochastic Decomposition
Kenneth Carrasquillo, University of Puerto Rico
–   Power production fluctuations in wind turbines above complex terrains
Raj Rai, University of Wyoming | NAWEA Bio
–   Effects of Varying Temporal and Spatial Scale Turbulent Inflow on Wind Turbine Performance
Paul Quelet, University of Colorado
  –   Comparison of Wind Retrievals from a Scanning LIDAR and a Vertically Profiling LIDAR for Wind Energy Remote Sensing Applications
Mark Balas, University of Wyoming | NAWEA Bio
–   Adaptive Control of Wind Turbines in Regions I & II and the Transition Region

Parallel Session 6B: Education and Curriculum | Session Summary
Chairs: James Manwell, Andrew Swift
Suzanne Tegen, NREL | Bio

A panel session with representatives from university programs across the nation each presenting an overview of their respective wind energy educational program to be followed by an open discussion of the NAWEA Education and Curriculum Mission. Panelists:

Tom Acker, Northern Arizona | NAWEA Bio
Carlos Simao Ferreira, TU Delft | NAWEA Bio
–   European Wind Energy Masters Program | Slides
James Manwell, UMass | NAWEA Bio
Jonathan Miles, James Madison | NAWEA Bio
Jonathan Naughton, University of Wyoming | NAWEA Bio
–   Wind Energy Education at the University of Wyoming
Ganesh Rajagopalan, Iowa State University | Bio
Andrew Swift, Texas Tech University
–   TTU Educational Programs in Wind Energy

Afternoon Parallel Meetings Graduate Student Symposia
Organizer: Mathew Lackner, UMASS

NAWEA Board Meeting | Meeting Summary

Fri. Aug. 9 FAST Training Seminar, Jason Jonkman, NREL | Bio