Call for Proposals to Host NAWEA/WindTech 2021
After a very successful 2019 Conference at UMass Amherst that combined the North American Wind Energy Academy (NAWEA) symposium with the International Conference on Future Technologies in Wind Energy (WindTech) for the first time, the Conference Committee of NAWEA is soliciting a host for the 2021 conference. The next host will need to take the lessons learned from Amherst and create a venue that launches the NAWEA/WindTech conference into the next decade and beyond. To achieve this, the host will need to demonstrate that they have the right characteristics for the venue, a local planning committee able to organize and execute an event of this complexity, and the ability to facilitate the theme of the next conference.

Those institutions seeking to host the NAWEA/WindTech 2021 Conference can express their interest by downloading the call for proposals and supplying a written proposal.

Proposal Guidelines and Deadline
The hosting organization will be selected from those submitting proposals by a selection committee composed of past conference chairs and organizers. Proposals of not more than 10 pages in length (additional material may be submitted in an addendum if necessary, but it will not be considered in the evaluation process) must be emailed to the committee chair Paul Veers no later than noon Eastern time on March 6, 2020. Questions for clarification should also be sent to this address.

NAWEA is composed of universities, research laboratories, and industry participants dedicated to coordinating wind energy research and education activities to advance the state of wind energy technology and to develop the next generation of wind energy engineers, researchers, scientists, and innovators.

NAWEA connects research institutions, universities, and industry in the North American region. NAWEA’s mission is to facilitate the formation of high-quality, scientific research collaborations to address high-risk, multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional research problems that present barriers to the widespread use and high penetration of wind energy.